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Variable wall thickness tube products

Since 1985, Vari-Wall Tube Specialists, Inc. has provided high strength, light weight variable wall thickness tubular components for critical applications. Our customers are spread across a wide range of industries, from bicycles to aerospace.

For over 30 years, our goal has always been the same: to be the go-to source for tubular components and to provide the flexibility to meet the needs of customers in a tremendous variety of fields.

Choose Vari-Wall for our expertise in:

  • Aerospace seat beam manufacturing
  • Automotive link arms
  • Aluminum baseball bats
  • Seamless Butted Tubing
  • 4130 Tubing
  • Air Hardening Seamless Steel Tubing
  • Chromoly Tubing
  • Aluminum Tubing

Quality products for varied needs

Vari-Wall in-house designs and builds custom machines and inspection gages to manufacture our innovative products. This equipment keeps us far ahead of any competitors trying to make variable wall thickness tubes. We understand high volume manufacturing and constantly push our equipment designs to new levels. Currently we operate over 125 unique machines.

Our track record for success speaks for itself. We have an extremely small defect ratio in our products and consistently have a delivery performance of greater than 99 percent. Our customers know they can come to Vari-Wall for reliability with every purchase.

Work with Vari-Wall today

To get started with our services and products, fill out a web form on our site. You can also contact us at 330-482-0000.

For more information and to shop for our products, please visit our e-commerce site here.